Services & Amenities


Our highly trained nursing staff are available 24 hours a day for emergency responses. Although, independent living is highly respected, our staff is experienced in the special needs of the senior’s health. With residents in varying states of health and mobility, The Carriage House assesses the resident with the needed level of care. Whether you need an occasional helping hand, medication management, assisted living support, or vitals to be monitored, our professional staff are there to provide compassionate and attentive care.

A variety of services are available at The Carriage House to suit your needs… from respite/short, permanent living, post operative to recuperative care. The Carriage House offers Assisted Daily Living (ADL), personal laundry/linen services, medication administration and management, dietary advice and special diets upon request.

Our professional staff can make arrangements for the residents to participate in our In Home Physiotherapy, In Home Classic Care Pharmacy Program, and/or our professional Advanced Foot Care Program.


Staying fit but having fun is our goal at The Carriage House. We do this in many ways while offering various physical, mental and cognitive programs. To ensure that our residents stay active we offer exercise programs, walking club, physio, shopping trips, picnics, movies, theatre, pub nights and outings. Our recreational programs offer crafts, painting, baking, knitting, cards, board games, bingo, shuffleboard and entertainment.


At The Carriage House we strive to please all taste buds with home-style, nutritious meals that respects the seniors diets. Healthy snacks of fruit, yogurt, mixed homemade muffins, juices and coffee/tea are provided with comradeship and socializing.

One can enjoy a variety of desserts with options for diabetics. Upon request we will accommodate Tray Service for a reasonable fee. Guests are welcome to visit their relative over a meal at a reasonable fee. The Horseshoe CafeĀ© is open throughout the day/evening to provide refreshments while family and friends visit.